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Openness, Innovation, & Win-Win Cooperation

——A brief introduction of CIDF

Co-hosted by China Futures Association and Shenzhen Multiple Government, with the aim of "opening, Cooperation, Innovation & development", the China(Shenzhen) Derivatives Forum has been successfully held for 8 years ,and is increasingly becoming an influential annual event in derivatives market as well as an external window & important platform to discuss derivatives development issues, share successful experience , promote communication and cooperation. It plays a positive role in promoting the steady development of China derivatives market .The forum has attracted government, research institutes, banks ,funds ,investment companies and other financial institutes as well as commodity spot enterprises in recent years .The number of participants reached 700 last year, the number of foreign participants is also increasing in recent years. ......[more]


Openness, Innovation,& Win-Win Cooperation

Program for CIDF 2013

December 3-4, 2013 Wuzhou Guest House, Shenzhen, China


December 3-4 2013


Wuzhou hall, 2 F, Building A, Wuzhou Guest House


China Futures Association

Shenzhen Municipal Government


Shanghai Stock Exchange

Dalian Commodity Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange

China Financial Futures Exchange

Shanghai Futures Exchange

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange


CITIC Securities Futures Co., Ltd.

COFCO Futures Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Futures Association Co., Ltd.

China International Futures Co., Ltd.

Zheshang Futures Co., Ltd.

Yongan Futures Co., Ltd.

Shanghai CIFCO Futures Co., Ltd.


Nanhua Futures Co., Ltd.

Jinrui Futures Co., Ltd.

Cooperative Bank

Bank of Communications

Platinum Sponsor

CME Group


Gold Sponsor

Xinhu Futures Co.,Ltd.




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ADM Investor Service

Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange

KIM ENG Futures (HK) LTD

Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Dalian Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd.

China Exchanges Services Company Limited

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Sucden Financial
China Investment Futures Co., Ltd.

RTS Realtime Systems


Zhengzhou Esunny Information & Technology Co,. Ltd

Shanghai Financial Futures Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

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December 2 (Monday)



Venue: Lobby, 1 F, Building A, Wuzhou Guest House


Welcome Buffet Dinner ①  Venue: Huaxia Hall, 2F, Building B, Wuzhou Guest House (Sponsored by Eurex)

Welcome Buffet Dinner ②  Venue: Zijing Hall, 1F, Building A, Wuzhou Guest House(Sponsored by Xinhu Futures)

18:00-18:15 Keynote Speech: Learn from the development of the global derivatives market - the opportunities brought by financialization and internationalization of China futures market

                                            Ma Wensheng President, Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd.                 

18:15-18:30 Keynote Speech: Innovative business reflection of Xinhu Futures

          Li Beixin, Vice President of Xinhu Futures Co., Ltd.

18:30-18:40  Xinhu Futures & The Chinese Derivatives Association Strategy Cooperation Signing Ceremony

9th China (Shenzhen) International Derivatives Forum

Plenary Session Day

December 3 (Tuesday),Wuzhou Hall, 2/F Building A, Wuzhou Guest House

1st Session(08:30-10:00)


Opening Address

Liu Zhichao, chairman of China Futures Association


Opening Address

Jiang Yang, Vice Chairman of CSRC


Opening Address

Official from Shenzhen Municipal Government


Opening Address

Yu Yali, Vice President of Bank of Communications


Keynote speech: Financial Market Reform and Derivatives Legislation

Wu Xiaoling, Deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee


Coffee break

2nd Session(10:00-12:00)

Moderator: Eugene Zheng, Member of the International Advisory Council of CSRC &Managing Director of Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE)


Dialogue I: New Trends in Global Derivatives Market


1. What are the implications of the trade-off between securities and futures exchanges mean?

2.Will exchanges face the problems big companies have?

3.What‘s the effect of OTC products into exchange market and futures market?

4. What‘s the innovation potential left for the derivative market?


 Phupinder S. Gill, CEO of CME Group

Michael Peters, Member of Executive Board of Eurex

 Edward Tilly , CEO of CBOE

 Charles X. Li, CEO of HKEX

Chew Sutat, Executive Vice President of SGX


Dialogue II: Reform and Innovation of Exchanges in an Opening-up Environment


1. How to cope with opportunities and challenges brought about by openness?

2. How to achieve harmony between exchange market and OTC market for derivatives?

3. How to realize the breakthrough from product innovation to system innovation and tool innovation?

4. How to cope with challenges brought about by technological progress?

5. How to deal with the challenge of cross-market regulation?


Huang Hongyuan, CEO of Shanghai Stock Exchange

Yang Yongping,president of supervision committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Yang Maijun, Chairman of Shanghai Futures Exchange

Zhang Fan, Chairman of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Liu Xingqiang, Chairman of Dalian Commodity Exchange

Zhang Shenfeng, President of China Financial Futures Exchange


Buffet Dinner ① : Huaxia Hall , 2/F Building B

Buffet Dinner ② : Zijing Halll & Huaixiang halll , 1/F Building A

9th China (Shenzhen) International Derivatives Sub-Forum

Afternoon, December 3 (Tuesday),Wuzhou Hall, 2/F Building A, Wuzhou Guest House


Sub-forum ①: Global Futures Industry Summit

Organizer: Yongan Futures Co., Ltd., Nanhua Futures Co., Ltd.

Venue: East area, Wuzhou hall, 2/F, Building A,

Sub-forum ②: Futures Assets Management Forum

Organizer: China International Futures Co., Ltd.   Shanghai CIFICO Future Co.,LTD.

Venue: International Hall, 3F, Building A,

Sub-forum ③: Futures & IT Forum

Organizer: CITIC Securities Futures Co. ,Ltd.

Venue: Shenzhen Hall, 2/F, Building A,

Sub-forum④: Risk Management Service Forum

Organizer: COFCO Futures Co., Ltd .  Zheshang Futures Co., Ltd .  Jinrui Futures Co., Ltd .

Venue: West area, Wuzhou hall, 2/F, Building A

Sub-forum ⑤: Financial Derivatives Forum

Organizer: Bank of Communications

Venue: Yangtze Hall, 2/F, Building A


Buffet dinner ① : Huaxia Hall , 2/F Building B (Sponsored by CME)

Buffet dinner ② : Zijing Hall , 1/F Building A


CIDF Salon - Financial regulatory Reform, Global Integration and Transformation of Agency

Organizer : China Futures Association

Venue: West area, Wuzhou hall, 2/F, Building A

9th China (Shenzhen) International Derivatives Forum

China Exchanges Session

Morning, December 4 (Wendesday)


China Exchanges Session ①:Stock Option & Structured Products

Organizer: Shanghai Stock Exchange

Venue: East Area, Wuzhou Hall, 2F, Building A

China Exchanges Session ②: SHFE Derivatives Innovation Forum

Organizer: Shanghai Futures Exchange

Venue: West Area, Wuzhou Hall,2F,Building A

China Exchanges Session③:Sugar Options: Review on Simulated Trading and Outlook on Formal Listing

Organizer: Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Venue: Yangtze Hall, 2F, Building A

China Exchanges Session④:2013 Top 10 Futures Research Team Award

Organizer: Dalian Commodity Exchange

Venue: Shenzhen Hall, 2F, Building A, Wuzhou Guest House

China Exchanges Session ⑤:Opening-up & Innovation in China Financial Futures Market

Organizer: China Financial Futures Exchange   

Venue: Huaxia Hall, 2F, Building B 


Buffet Lunch

 Venue: Zijing hall & Huaixiang halll , 1/F Building A

>>programs for sub-forums

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