Technical Support

Jun 19, 2017

Double data centers with dual active models

CITIC Futures employ double data centers in Shanghai and Beijing, where hold powerful processing capabilities via dual active models run simultaneously. Normally client access to CTP system of Shanghai ZhangJiang data center via internet, and the system with prompt change to Beijing CITIC Securities data center in case of the network failure outage and other network issues

Server Hosting

CITIC Futures has 30 cabinets VIP server rooms in Shanghai ZhangJiang data center. (The VIP server rooms are the largest server rooms among all of the futures companies)

Our server room in Beijing CITIC Securities Building holds 20 cabinets and more can be added at any time. The infrastructure, operation and maintenance are charged by CITIC Securites IT Center.

Both server rooms have achieved technique fourth grade classification, which is the highest grade classification in information Technology Guidelines for the Management of Futures Company.


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